Eataly choco tour

Eataly choco tour

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Eataly chocolate | February March 2019

While the world consumes more chocolate near the Christmas period, Italians are distinguished by letting go of the temptations of chocolate and eggs in the weeks before Easter. February and March, therefore, are the months in which Eataly dedicates the utmost attention to the world of chocolate by focusing on the story of the long cocoa supply chain up to the great master chocolatiers who transform the raw material into a product of the highest quality.

The wonders of chocolate from Eataly Rome

To celebrate this greedy universe, Eataly Roma organizes many activities to make the experience that will bring all customers to discover the food of the gods even more unique.

The cocoa planet and the chocolate factory: discovering the origins of cocoa

Throughout the month of February, in the Ostiense store, a unique ambient will be created, representative of the origins of cocoa, thanks to To Ciock, a young Turin-based artisan company dedicated to the production of chocolate. For the occasion Eataly will set up a cocoa plantation with trees about two meters high. Visitors, assisted by an infographic path, will be catapulted into the cocoa plantation where they will be able to inebriate with the scent of cocoa berries, the so-called cabosse, try their hand at using the matete – the stone used since ancient times for the processing of cocoa beans – to turn the beans into dough and, last but not least, taste them on site and receive a bag of toasted beans to take home to prolong the memory of this exclusive experiential moment.

Events: a delightful calendar of events

The food of the gods will be at the center of many initiatives throughout the month of February. Not only tastings but unique moments in which to immerse yourself and know all the curiosities that revolve around chocolate. On February 16th and 17th the artist Gennaro Volpe will realize a Caffarel chocolate sculpture depicting the Colosseum; a sweet and scenic work of art designed to pay homage to the capital.
On February 22, in collaboration with Slow Food, Roberto Muzi will let everyone discovering the “Beer and Chocolate” tasting course as this seemingly unusual pairing, is actually surprisingly perfect.
The magical properties of cocoa will be the protagonists of the Cocoa Ceremony with Campo Madre on 23 February. Guided by Giorgio Sergio, creator of the Campo Madre project, raw chocolate and meditation will unite to give life to a moment of natural well-being, a liaison with ancient origins but always with current benefits. The ceremony will end with a moment of sharing and a tribute to all the participants. The surprises of the month dedicated to chocolate do not end here. On 24th February, inside the Roman agro-alimentary temple, it will be possible to participate in the Chocolate Tour, three itineraries that will take place in the following departments: Bakery, Venchi, Brewery, Chocolate Factory, To Ciock, Vergnano and Enoteca.

Temporary shops: corners dedicated to the sale and tasting of homemade chocolate

Some of the most famous artisanal chocolate production companies will be able to taste, from February to March, a selection of their specialties. In detail, Eataly Roma customers will be able to discover, from February 16th to March 24th, the delicacies of Caffarel, from February 25th to March 5th the tastes of the Napoleoni chocolate shop, from March 1st to 10th the goodness of the Campobassana company Shockino, and then continue from 11 to 24 March with the delicacies of Grezzo and, until Easter, with the specialties of To Ciock.

Free tastings: free tastings of chocolate

The multiple facets of taste offered by the chocolate world will be protagonists from 8 February to 24 March in the spaces of Eataly Rome. Renowned companies in the sector will offer free tastings of chocolate; to know in detail the schedule you can consult the following link:

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